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Special Thanks

Many great people in the hobby & game industry really helped us get this new product rolling and we appreciate all of the support and guidance. Our goal was to bring out a product that could enhance the hobby experience by pulling it out of basements and garages and give people more time to spend on the hobby (with less clean up, set up, or arguments about who ruined the kitchen table). Without their support, we’d never have been able to get this far.

Many thanks to you!

GaleForce9 (
Reaper Miniatures (
Crocodile Games (
Iron Wind Metals & FanPro ( &
Rackham (
Dragon Wing Games (
Magnificent Egos (
Ginfritter’s (
CamoSpecsOnline (
The Miniatures Page (
Displaced Miniatures (
And all the outstanding volunteers from the Paint n’ Take events this year!